9 Annoying Things That Mothers Do


Wherever you are right now, whatever you have accomplished or starting to do, whoever you have become and wanted to be in the future; there’s an undeniable fact that we’re all raised by a mother – whether biological or not; in a form of an immediate relative, thru legal adoption or in a form of a male figure, there’s a person who chose to dedicate their whole lives and give their unconditional love that is ultimately incomparable.

Admit it or not, no matter how we realize the importance of being grateful to have a mother who gives their everything, there are things that (a lot of) mothers always do that tends to annoy us most of the time. To give tribute to the 9 month sacrifice of a mother who endured all the pain of bearing a child inside her womb, I have come to gather 9 of the most annoying things that mothers do. I know you can somehow relate to this. CLICK THE PHOTO TO CONTINUE READING.




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What I really loved about the location of our Guesthouse in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is its accessibility to shopping centers and restaurants that are literally just steps away. Hunger and retail therapy isn’t a problem to us in our 5-day stay in Hong Kong. Whenever we’re hungry, we just go down and go out and chase the streets until we find a place to eat. We have tried many restaurants around TST and with the many variations we have tried, there’s this one place that really stood out and made a really great impact to our stomach. A small casual dining at the heart of HART Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui named SUMMIT DELICIOUS. Please CLICK THE PHOTO above to read the complete blog entry.



unsatisfyingbfastfeatI may not be a morning person but I am one of the few who’s always excited to eat breakfast. Breakfast is certainly my favorite mealtime, no matter how simple or grandiose it can be. I got this breakfast enthusiasm because I really don’t eat a lot at night due to being endomorph. I wake up in the morning feeling the right kind of hunger that makes me yearn for my cup of hot coffee, whole wheat bread and lots of cheese or peanut butter on top of it. “It’s not only the effort of eradicating my feeling of hunger but it’s the conscious determination to energize myself to become productive each day.” CLICK the PHOTO to continue reading the rest of the blog.

The Frapalabok Experience

It was a feeling of close-to-exhaustion that I felt when I was on my 4th day of covering a 5-day Provincial Festivity in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. I never thought it would be that hectic, add up the heat and solidarity. The numerous and consecutive events every day have almost drain me, but it’s more of the excitement to experience things out of my comfort zone that helped me continue what I was doing that time. Kahit na mukha na akong HAGGARDo Versoza, sige lang ng sige. Ang tanging kakampi ko lang sa ilang araw na iyon ay Sunblock at malamig na tubig.
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No Man is an Island, as platitude as it may seem, aside from clean water, fresh air, comfy home and fabulous clothes, all of us know that we all need a friend. We live in a world where man needs his fellowmen in every different means. Beginning from childhood, we tend to understand the importance of having our own friend. We feel the incomparable happiness that it brings to be with someone whom you consider a friend. Someone who will be there to listen, to accompany you, laughs with you and whom you consider your partner-in-crime. Of course we all know how family is precious in our lives, but we also have this treatment to other people whom we consider our sibling from other parents. We make them a part of our lives where legal adoption is the only thing left to authenticate the veracity of the relationship.  CLICK the PHOTO to CONTINUE READING.